I am decorating my new house so today's items will be staying right where they are in my home.  I haven't had a house for a while so I am having fun doing this.  Normally I am setting up scenes to do photos for this blog or for BOSL so it is nice to be decorating for myself.

Bed, Door and Arrow Box:  brocante. - metal frame bed / white A, barn door slider / light,  arrow marquee (Uber)
Doll:  Serenity Style-  Himawari Doll Pink (SaNaRae)

Armoire:  {what next} - Amelie Armoire (linen) V.1 (Fifty Linden Friday)

And these items are all from Trompe Loeil and won't fit in my house, sadly.  But they are stunning and I had to show you how amazing they look at night.  You can pick up the Hannah Cottage, Bench, Table and Flagstone Path at Uber when you are getting the brocante. items.

Nice to get to pose next to a pretty cool car.  Even nicer is the fact that I get to take it home with me and that it has the poses built in.  The car is from Image Essentials and is called A Classic.  It is for the Garage Fair which starts on the 1st May.

Jacket and Tee:  ODDITY Coat ~Sean~ Mesh (Men Only Monthly)
Pants:  7mad;Ravens - 2Tone Camo Joggers (Men Only Hunt 7)
Skin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas NEW Caramel B6 SMOOTH HB (New Release)

She goes up, tiddly, up, up.  She goes down, tiddly, down, down.  Up, down, flying around, looping the loop and defying the ground.  She is so frightfully keen, that magnificent girl in her flying machine.

I just had to blog this when I saw it.  It is a new release from *CHEZ MOI* and is for the upcoming round of The Gacha Garden.  This is the Red Baron Ultralight Plane but this is one of 9 styles you can get.  You can also get the Seed of Inspiration Hangar to go with your aircraft.  I added the windsock for a bit of authenticity.

I have just spent the past 30 mins flying about harassing the neighbours.  They love it.

Sometimes people can look innocent but you just can't trust them.  This little girl is probably one of those people.  It is not just the gun either.  I think I would be scared of her without it.  If she asks for directions...run!

Hair:  Amacci Hair - Poppy
Dress:  * Stelloane - Lilie Dress and Boots (The 100 Block)
Arm Tattoos:  **UrbanStreet**Cat Dark Tattoo-Dark (100 Block)
Leg Tattoo:  SuPerBia 'NgaIo' Leg TaTToo (100 Block)
Skin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - Matilda Apricot (100 Block)

Bag:  #187# - MusicBox Backpack BlackSilver (100 Block)

I love imagining the plot for these kinds of scenes.  I imagine someone coming across her as they walk along the path.  She looks harmless.  Perhaps she is even teary.

"I am lost," she sobs.  "My husband left me here to die.  Please help me."

The stranger comes closer to comfort the beautiful distressed woman and this is the last thing he ever does...

Gown and Accessories:  adoness : lilly lavinia (GENRE:  Belle Epoque)
Poses:  Nantra Poses - KK (from my inventory)

Hair:  *TUKINOWAGUMA* -  Felipa Blondes (Cosmopolitan)
Teeth:  Tuli - Teeth (from my inventory)

Seemed like a nice time for a walk.  I found this cool sim so I had fun exploring.  It goes from wharf to town to country to beach and even a lighthouse.  Love places like this.  Loads of photo ops.

Oh, now what was I doing?  Oh yes, Fashion pics.  I am so easily distract...oh look a squirrel.

Hair:  Amacci Hair - Tone
Top:  AFI Designs - Bikini NAUTICAL (The 100 Block)
Skirt:  [sYs] COPINE skirt bag (The 100 Block)
Poses:  {NANTRA} - Effortless

Yeah, went looking for coffee.  Got lost.  Ended up in middle of nowhere.  It happens sometimes.  Life goes on.  Since I was here thought I would do my pic for this ensemble with items from Men Only Monthly.  They rock.

So great to have items for men that put the 'fun' in functional.

Shirt:  7mad;Ravens - River Black
Pants:  sharp by [ZD] - CURT GRUNGE CORDUROY SLACKS blue
Poses:  an lar [poses] - The Evan Series

I love the Fantasy Faire and, while I missed out on blogging for them this year, I still get to blog what I can from designers who I regularly blog for.  That is an honour.

I have also had this butterfly pack of poses for a while so I was rapt to find the perfect moment to use it.  I love combining fantasy and nature.  Lovely.

Photos takes at:  The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Faun:  {POSH PIXELS} - Sibylline (FF 2016)
Pose Pack:  Persefona - All in butterflies (Recent Release)

Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra (FF 2016)

Had to make sure the dog was in these photos.  He so cute.  I wanted to pat him, but you can never be to careful about these things.

This outfit is cute too.  It is from La Gazza Ladra and is called Songbirds.  I am wearing the Ruffled Top in Floral/Rose and the matching skirt. You can find these at the Dreams & Gacha Fair.

Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair (Fantasy Faire)
Poses:  Winx & Flair - Clothing Haul
Necklace:  (Kunglers) Ida necklace - Silver ruby 1 (On9)

I am just loving all the great home and garden items that are coming out for events at the moment.  It is a decorators dream.  It doesn't matter if you like grungy or upmarket or quaint there is something for you.  I hope you are managing to get round everything.

Serenity Style - Spring Patio Corner (Tres Chic)

[zerkalo] - Low Bed (The Mens Dept)

*CHEZ MOI* - Garden Shed Green (Tres Chic)

I have a question that needs answering:  How the hang are these sheep standing on water?  In fact, how am I standing on water?  Got to love SL.

I also love this outfit from sYs for Men Only Monthly.  The tank and pants are both called Comox and this Original creations comes for Standard fitted, Slink (Male) & TMP Male mesh bodies.

Everything I am styling today comes from MOM except the sneaks that came from my inventory.

Hair:  NO!Project Hair_DASH Brunnete 1.5
Tattoo:  Corpo - Monarch Tattoo Faded
Necklace:  Kenvie - Diesel Necklace - Silver

And the posts keep coming...

I have done so many over the last few days that flickr groups keep stopping me from adding pics.  I am the Mega Blogger at the mo!  So much to show you.  Don't want you to miss anything.

No time to lose...

Outfit:  Wicca's Wardrobe - Flora - Jasmine (On9)
Heels:  Wicca's Wardrobe - Kara - Jasmine (On9)