I was jealous that Ty was into the first of the Fantasy Faire posts so I thought I would bring you one too.  I love getting all fantasied up!

It was also time to insert a little magic into the proceedings...

Gown:  BlueMoon Enterprise - Lady Grace ~ Plum
Poses:  *Eternal Dream* - Spells

Hair:  Analog Dog - Sola - Light Blondes
Necklace:  KittyMoon - Dash of Hope Fairy Dust - Breast Cancer
Makeup:  :Senzafine:. - "Bettie" Full Makeup - Vixen (Genre)
Tiara:  : Fujiwara's World :. - Warden Tiara ~ Purple Silver
Eyes:  :Senzafine:. - "Enchant" Eyes - 02 Violet Haze

I am kicking of the Fantasy Faire items today.  I still have more from Men Only Monthly but I will intersperse them with some fantasy items.  And I will also do the last of the poses from Le Poppycock do not fear!

Just so you know I have amped these photos up so that you can see the colours in the clothes properly.  I HDR-ed them.  I wanted to do a forest scene but then was worried I would lose the clothes amongst the background hence the fiddling.

The entire outfit is called Ranger Sherrod Forest and is brought you you by Feyline Fashions (FF Link).  This also includes the knife and bow, although they are just for looks.

I feel very Assassins Creed in this outfit and Arya is sick of me lurking about in it, speaking in a 'ye olde' way.  She actually gave me some instructions on where to stick my bow, but it didn't sound safe.

Therefore, I shall take my leave...

Had a bit of a day off yesterday but I promise I have a good excuse!  I actually spent a few hours sorting all the items I am blogging from the Fantasy Faire which starts any minute now!!

It took me a while to sort and classify it all, but I am pretty excited about what I get to show you.  I know Ty has some great stuff too.

We will start on that tomorrow, but today I have some 100 Block items to show.  I will not be forgetting the Wayward Hunt and Black Fashion Fair either.  They will be interspersed with the FF stuffs!

Today might just give you a fantasy vibe...

Boots:  Kenvie - Patrol High Platform Boots
Poses:  Vestige - My Model Life Pack 2 (Black Fashion Fair)

Top:  even.flow - Statement Crop Top 'afk - gray'
Skirt:  :DEADPOOL: Amy Skirt - Grey Tartan
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Keats

Eyes and Makeup:  :[P]:- Galaxie Makeup and Eyes - Plura
Head and Nose Chain:  !The Little Bat - Batty Headchain and Nosechain
Piercings:  .ARISE. - Mia Piercing / Black

I feel like I have been wearing a lot of grey and black lately so I will make sure I brighten up a bit tomorrow.

In the meantime I have some more poses from Le Poppycock's Trigger Happy set which, as you will remember, is gacha at Men Only Monthly.  I will have one more day of them to go.  Shame, cos am having fun with them.

Items are from MOM unless I tell you otherwise.

Glasses:   S O R G O - ZWAW Shades / BLACK (Wayward Hunt.  HINT:  Have some coffee)
Jeans:  Kenzo Jeans - Modulus - Black
Watch:  **RealEvil Industries** -  ReVoX MGX Watch - Male

Bandages:  Clemmm - Bandaged Fingers (Wayward Hunt.  HINT:  Remember, you can sleep when you're dead)
Jacket, Hoodie and Tee:  [ ExcellencE ] - Jacket_BOY, T-shert_BOY, Hood_BOY

Day 3 of the Trigger Happy poses from Le Poppycock.  I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.  I still have some left for tomorrow.

These items from Men Only Monthly get to enjoy being a part of the poses too.  Lucky them!  This round of MOM is fantastic.  Check it out.

Hat:  7mad;Ravens - Good Conduct-B
Shape and Skin:  Clef de Peau - Jason

Jeans:  UrbnW. - Power Jeans - Presswash-Black

Jacket:  Sharp by [ZD] ARMANDE MESH JACKET with Hoodie Black
Necklace:  7mad;Ravens - Cutter Necklace (Wayward Hunt.  HINT:  I'm a stone's throw away)

The Black Fashion Fair is well underway and I hope you have all been over to check it out.  There is HEAPS to see and some amazing new creations for you to enjoy.

I have mixed them up with some items from the 100 Block and Wayward Hunt.  We are so spoiled for choice!

I am giving you the LMs to booths at BFF so make sure you use the individual LMs.

Gown:  -AZUL- Abigail MeshDress Onyx (Black Fashion Fair)
Skin and Lips:  .::WoW Skins::. - V2 Susse Milk + Sousse Lips tattoo 04 (100 Block)

Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Lauren (We Love Role-Play)
Bracelet:  Wimey - No More Cuffs Gold (The Wayward Hunt.  HINT:  Let it go)

Gratuitous back shot!
Poses:  Purple Poses - Jourdan (BFF)

Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer - Earrings - Cleopatra Teardrop (BFF)
Eye Makeup:  [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] - Narcisse Black (BFF)

With so much to blog at the moment i just wanted to let you know that Tyson and I are both posting each day, so that means you will get one from me and one from him.  This is great for the guys who will get a male post most days!

It is going to get even crazier with the rapid approach of the Fantasy Faire which starts soon... Sleep? Who needs it?

Top:  [American Bazaar] - Lima Sweater - Black (100 Block)
Hair:  LeLutka - Kayla (Recent Release)
Skin and Shape:  Lumae - Beth Shape with Jewel : 2 - Satin Skin :: Draven (Black Fashion Fair)
Poses:  *EverGlow* - Onyx (BFF)

Pants:  [American Bazaar] - Moldavie Pants - Red (100 Block)
Shoes:  Essenz - Phoenix (100 Block)

Bag:  REIGN.- Cloud Clutch (Wayward Hunt - HINT:  In this spot you will find a perfect way to tell the time.)
Nails:  #adored - back to black mani (BFF)

As promised I am continuing on with showing you the poses from Le Poppycock's Trigger Happy selection.  They are gacha at the Men Only Monthly event and are just too good not to show.

Men Only Monthly is underway so make sure you jump on over and check it all out.  More to come...

Harness:  G.ID - Attila Harness-Black Strap (100 Block)
Watch:  [Z O O M] - Divons Watch (MOM)
Tattoo:  SwaggedOut - Nightmarish Gaze FADED (100 Block)

Pants:  KEZENN - Mens Mesh Sportswear Baggy Pants (MOM)

Boots:  Death Row Designs - Bum Boots Dark (100 Block)
Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Mikaze (MOM)

The April Round of Men Only Monthly is about to start (20th) and I am a happy guy with the quality and content of this event.  Every item made me jump about and that is a good thing.

The pose pack I am showing you today is jam-filled with great poses from Le Poppycock so I have decided to show you ALL of them over the next few days.  The pack is called Trigger Happy and is a gacha which means you might have to do a bit of buying and swapping to get all the ones you want or the whole pack.  Adds to the fun.  I have put the name of the poses on the photos so you know which ones to go and grab.

Jacket:  {Fe Style} Benoit Jacket - Gray/Black
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Ronaldo
Skin and Shape:  Clef de Peau - Jason T3 (Comes with SLink and TMP Appliers)
Shoes:  United Colors: B&W - Sneaker Sandals - Black&White (for SLink Feet)
Glasses:  Meva - April Aviator
 Jeans:  United Colors:  Men Skinny Pants - Ocean Wash

I have focused on the other two events I am blogging at the moment and now it is time for The Wayward Hunt, which is definitely a hunt worth doing.

The gifts are great and there is a real variety. Make sure you check out the hints and LM's on this PAGE.  They even show the hunt items!

All items are from the hunt unless otherwise stated.

Dress:  * VinCue ~ Maxxi+Dress
Shoes:  REIGN.- Avery Plats (100 Block)

^^Swallow^^ - Watch Pink Silver
Hair:  Moon. Hair. - Keepsake

Skin and Shape:  Clef de Peau - Jemma Tan Skin and Shape
Poses:  an lar [poses] - Julep

I am having so much fun with all these events on.  I have so much to show you which means I get to play with outfits and shoes and skins and accessories.

Today I am focusing on the Black Fashion Fair to give you a taste of what it on offer.  All items are from BFF unless otherwise stated.

Poses:  Verocity - Poetic
Pants:  E-Clipse - Explicit Pant - Silver
Shoes:  E-Clipse - Raptor Heels 

Bag:  MULIER x 1992 - Obsidian Bag (Wayward Hunt - HINT:  Take my money, please)
Skin and Shape:  [PUMEC]  - .:CATALINA:. -  Spring

Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Paris Club 69 Glasses
Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tami Hair
Top:  E-Clipse - Explicit Top Silver
Lips:  #adored - Vague Lips - True Black
Bracelet:  [BREATHE] - Soothe Bracelet-Silver (Wayward Hunt - HINT: No one puts baby in the corner)

While Arya is busy running about blogging 50 million events (slight exaggeration, there) I have two to blog at the mo:  The 100 Block and the Wayward Hunt.

My usual complaint of not enough stuff for the guys exists but I will say that the quality of the guys stuff is great.

Check these out and keep an eye out for the Men Only Monthly sneak peek.

Tee:  {Fe Style} - Ckorth Basic Shirt w/Hud (100 Block)
Pants:  V-Spot - Urbanized Capris BLACK (100 Block)
Poses:  IDK - InstaCam (100 Block)
Hair:  [bade] - Pedro (Men Only Monthly Preview)
Rope:  Howl - Star Rope no.1 - Black (Wayward Hunt - HINT - Where is my TV?)