Thursday, July 31, 2014

Waiting for the Train

Stood here waiting for a train that never came.  Gave up in the end and walked.  At least in these clothes I looked great walking.  Joking.

Top and Jeans:  Wilson's Designs - Let the Sparks Fly for Him (Battle of the Sexes Hunt)

Hair:   Truth Hair - Tom (Recent Release)
Glasses:  [Body Factory] - Antique Glasses (from my inventory)
Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - Judas - Battle (Battle of the Sexes Hunt)

Shoes:  Duh! - Linen Sneakers "Dirty" (The Blues Hunt - starts Aug 1st)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cooling Down

Some of my SL friends were complaining about the heat in RL today.  Hearing them talk about it made me feel hot and it is NOT at all hot here in Aryaland.  I felt a water post was required today so the Northerners can cool off and us Southerners can warm up!

Dock and Furniture:  [CIRCA] - Seaward Beach Dock and Outdoor Lounger Set

Bikini:  MOoH! - Blue Leopard Beach Set - Bandeau Bikini and Sarong (Aloha Fair - Sarong not shown cos I forgot...sigh)
Glasses:  {Kiro} - Caster Glasses - Sky (from my inventory)
Hair:  Elikatira - Jennie (9th Rez Day Sale - all hair sets 99L)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Neri (recent release)

Tyre Float:  Kuro - Vintage Float (Recent Release)
Blue Float:  [CIRCA] - Seaward Pool Floatie - Skye
Shoes:  Ducknipple - Simone (New Release)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

'Bout Time

Tyson wandered back into SL today and so I pounced on him and made him do a post for the boys today.  It is about time he did some work!

Welcome back, my friend!

Top:  20.Five - Dash Shirt (New Release)
Shorts:  20.Five - Dany Jeans (New Release)
Hair:  Amacci - Marco (Hair Fair or Mainstore if hair fair is finished)
Skin:  Tribal Soul Designs - Thomas - Tone 1 (Slink appliers available)

Sandals: 20.Five - Donnie Sandals (New Release)

Destintion:  Tempelhof

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New Additions to the Destinations Pages

I was chatting to some people who have been checking out the Destinations Pages.  I am soooo glad people are finding them useful because I am loving tripping about finding new spots for you to enjoy.

Anyway, readers have suggested I let you all know when I find new places so here are the updates for this week.  I will give you the link to the page they are on where you will find the URLs.  Hope this works.

So you know, I have been putting the new ones at the top of each page.


Intro - Intro is a cute little sim dotted with some funky stores that are worth a visit while you are there.  Lots of little spots for photos including a playground, rowboat, orchard and vegetable gardens, and a beach.

Mimikri - This is the home of the famous Mimikri store, but the sim also hides great spots for photo ops.  You can find the ruins in this shot, a mini port/boat area, lovely grasslands plus other little surprises.

Collins Land - The owners of this sim have invited you onto their little slice of paradise so make sure you respect the land and privacy!  A road winds it way up the hill where you will find photo nooks along the way.  There are also two outlying islands; a rainy one and a lookout with gazebo.

{Imeka} - This is a lovely island with gorgeous beaches, fab structures and little spots scattered about that are just right for photo taking.

Woodsy - Soft and green with of hidden spots in the woods to grab a photo or three.  There is even a rainy area for getting the ambiance you need. (Sanni)

La Botanique - Wasn't quite sure which category to put this in, but figured it was like a little sky island so this is where it is.  Little rainy area with lovely places to dine and enjoy the view.

Pigeon Island - A bit of a mix on this lovely island with loads of spots for photos.  I love all the docks around the island that make taking those sea shots simple.

Garlic Breath at Melee Island - This Greek themed isle will delight you in so many ways.  There are plenty of places to get that perfect coastal shot whether up by the houses or on one of the many beaches.


Rowne - This is not your run-of-the-mill beach.  It has vast grasslands, a lighthouse and these great power poles.  It surrounds the Rowne store and is lovely for those lonely-looking shots.


Meaningless City - This is attached to Pigeon Island and you can access the city through a door at the landing zone.  This little area is overrun with weeds and in need of a good spruce up, but is perfect for photos that need a bit of a grungy look.


I added this page to showcase areas that are amazing and are only set up for events or a limited time.  Make sure you let me know if you see any that would fit in this category.

The Dreamers Factory - This event is the first of its kind at Blossom Land and the event designers have made this area look amazing.  It encourages photographers and I love the way you enter the event by taking a nap! Open til August 22nd.

The Seasons Story - This is the summer round and the organisers have given you a beautiful place to shop and enjoy the walk on the Sapphire Skies land.

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Monday, July 28, 2014


Spiaggia is hopefully Italian for 'beach' and that is where I am hanging out today.  You can find the info and LM for this fab little destination on my new pages.  This is Mimikri and you can fly straight over the gorgeous mainstore and head straight til you see this little dock area.

Outfit:  Leri Miles Designs - CAH (Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt Gift Preview - August 1)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Kelsie (Black Dot Project)
Hair:  Tameless - Jenna (New Release)

Bag:  Aitui - Beach Bag - Hawaiian Lava (Instore Gacha - I was soooo excited to get the exact colour I wanted first up!)

Shoes:  Ducknipple - Dash2 Wedges (New Release)
Nails:  Somnia - Toppled Stars - Darks (Recent Release)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dream Room

This is actually how I would love my room to be.  Some days I just want to pretend I am not an adult anymore, make a hut and just do something non-grownup, like colouring-in or playing with Lego.

Well, at least I can race off to the Wild Things Event and have some gacha fun!

Bed:  {vespertine} - Wildwood Daybed (50L Friday)
Top:  20.Five - Cami Top (New Release)
Jeans:  20.Five - Cappa Jeans (New Release)
Hair:  Tameless - Jenna (New Release)

Tent and Accessories:  Kuro & Consignment  - Max's Hideout (Gacha Items in Wild Things Event)
Icecream:  Kuro - Have Ice Cream
Rug:  Kuro - Striped Rug

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Saturday, July 26, 2014


I am not sure why this outfit made me decide that this was about leaving home and heading to the city, but for some reason it did.  *Shrug*.  Anyway, I headed over to Roche and took these shots.  I don't blame her for wanting to go...

Hair:  Truth Hair - Blythe (Recent Release)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Kelsie (The Black Dot Project)
Top:  [[Masoom]] - Too Hot For You (Project Limited)

Jeans:  20.FIVE - Skinny Jeans (New Release)
Shoes:  Goody2Shoes - Hollywood Flip (Slink Mid - Free at The Thrift Shop)

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Friday, July 25, 2014

From the Attic

My Attic @ The Deck is on and there are some cool summer items for your enjoyment.  I showed you the Leri Miles Designs dress the other day and today I have items from Somnia and W.Winx.

The W.Winx pose prop is called Wish You Were Here and is perfect for those beach photos you have been wanting to take.  I am only showing a few of the poses available.  It comes with the sand and the Beach letters.

 This outfit is made up of items from Somnia.  The top is called Kimeyos, the shorts are Bitty Shorts and the shoes are Kimatia.  All come with a colour change hud so you can get them looking just how you want.

My hair is from Tameless and is called Lilly.  This is another of their Hair Fair items and you can change the ties and hair colour with the easy-to-use hud.

These cute nails are also from Somnia at My Attic and are from the Toppled Stars Darks Pack.  There is also a lights pack if you are more of a fan of the lighter tones!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today I am going classy with this gorgeous two-piece ensemble from 22769.  The Ophelia Bustier and Pants are both available at The Boutique.  I am wearing both of them in cream.

My hair is from Tameless and is called Chanel.  It is a new release and is available from the Tameless mainstore.

My necklace is another 22769 item and is the Leafes Necklace in Gold.  You will find this at The Secret Affair Gatcha Event.  The necklace also comes in copper and silver.

These cool Nexus earrings from Luminary were at The Nexus event.  I have worn them before but wanted to give you a close-up view.  These will be available at the Luminary mainstore.

My lovely Dash2 shoes are from Ducknipple and are for Slink Mid Feet.  They come with a hud so you can colour-change them with the touch of a button.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Collage July- August

The new round of The Collage starts on the 23rd of July and the theme is Summer.  You are going to LOVE their take on summer and the great things you will be able to purchase to awesome up your home and garden.

These Beach Shacks and Chairs come in 4 colours and will add the 'WOW!' factor to your beach area.  They are just that cute!  I have shown the pink and blue, but there is also green and yellow if they are more to your taste.

Summer is not just about beaches, it is also about picnics and this set from Serenity Style is just perfect for your garden.  It comes with a hud so you can change the flags and tablecloth to suit your surrounding decor.

I added the cool Fruity Basket from !! Follow Us !! (not at The Collage) so that you will think I am all about healthy eating...

The thing I love about SL is that designers can take a similar product and put their own spin on it to make it look completely different.  That is the case here with this Garden Shed from Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  Same, but completely different!

I also have a gorgeous item from !! Follow Us !! that is NOT in the Collage, but felt it needed to be shown and I may as well show it with the other furniture items.  Made sense!  It is the Towel Cart - Flowers and Beauty and is an absolute stunner.  Perfect to add a glamorous finishing touch to a room.

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