Wednesday, August 20, 2014



I am having a lovely time on my Vacay in the Hamptons.  Was invited to a party at the Denton-Smythes last night.  Had a few G&T's and some delightful chardonnay.  Such fun!

Hope you are being good for nanny.  Don't forget to feed Boopsy and Beyonce.

Love, Mumsy

Top:  American Bazaar - Bohemian Blouse - Pre (District 5)
Shorts:  [QE] - Chaotic ShortPants - Smoke (D5)

Bag: {yumyums} - Calm Yo'Self Bag - Winter (D5)

Shoes:  {MV} - Magadon PVC Heels (D5 - for Slink High Feet)
Nails:  -{ZOZ}- - Painted Sky Nails

Hair:  Exile - Unravel - Messy (Collabor88)
Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Socialite Sunglass (D5)
Necklace:  22769 - Ammunition Necklace (La Metallique Fair by L'accessories)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I was in the mood for some serious leaning today.  Arya accused me of doing nothing.  She was right.  I am doing nothing, so everything is going to plan.

Poses:  {NanTra} - Casual Male Pack (from my inventory)
Hoodie:  Swagged Out - Covert Hoodie - Green (District 5)

Shorts:  [tomboi] - Saturday Shorts (from my inventory)

Hair and Band:  Tableau Vivant - Aidoru Series - Reita (District 5)
Piercings:  Pekka - Dasher Unisex Piercings (from my inventory)

Boots:  Firelight Creations - Combat Boot - Anarchy (Anarchy Hunt)

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WARNING:  I was in a very silly mood today.  It is my rez day so I am allowed to be.  I am 6 (holding up 6 fingers)!

I just wanted to play with these cool Totally Tubular tubes from {NanTra}.  Do I need any other reason?  You can find them at The Theme Park.


Swimwear:  Spyralle - Kiama Sarong and Bikini Set (The Co-op - Bondi Beach)
Hair:  Exile - Unravel (Collabor88)


Swimwear:  Anchor & Co - Swim trunks - Teal Striped (District 5)
Hair:  Damselfly - Josh (New Release)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Route 66

ADDITION:  My tribute to one of the funniest men!  "Route soixante six"

I am so getting my kicks today.  That is because I am hanging out by Route 66 with two pose packs from {NanTra}

The first one is called Getting My Kicks on Route 66 and is currently available at Liaison Collaborative.  I am only showing you three of the poses, but the sign holds 6 with mirrors.  Or if you want to load your poses into another sign another time there is even the single poses in the pack too.  Oh yeah!

The cool Water Tower Hangout in the background is also at LC and is from 22769 [bauwerk].  Great addition to your sim!

Or if you want to get out of town then you will want this Off the Beaten Path pack that comes with drink bottles and backpack for that authentic look.  This is also at Liaison Collaborative.

My outfit is from District 5.  The top is called Crop Tie-Front Shirt - Rock Me and is from AURORA.  The shorts are too and are called Denim Mini Shorts - Black.

My sneakers are from [QE] and are the Strapped HiTops - Biohazard.  So...I didn't get my kicks from Route 66.  I got them from District 5.  *Snicker*  Ok, I know it was lame.

My hair is Seleste from Damselfly and is at District 5 too.  I am wearing a colour from the light blondes pack.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fun with Furniture - POST 2

As promised, this is the second post of the day and it is filled to the brim with all sorts of fab items for your home.

From shutter field we have this lovely new release Beach Set.  It comes with all you see here, plus some items you might need for the pose props, such as a phone.  So lovely, and  perfect addition to your beach area.

22769 [bauwerk] is always bringing out some amazing things for your enjoyment and this will not disappoint.  The Stars and Stripes Flag and Day the Music Died Jukebox are both available in this round of The Dreaming Tree.

And these lovely items are from Kuro.  The bedroom set (excluding the chair) is called Anfisa and is currently available at Collabor88.  The chair is the Laboratory Chair and is in The Dreaming Tree.  I think you need to grab both!

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Cafe Style - POST ONE

So you know, there will be TWO posts today:  A fashion one and a furniture one.  This is the fashion one...

I think this outfit would be perfect for a delightful afternoon supping coffee with a friend followed by a shopping spree....ok, maybe that is just my perfect day.

To begin your shopping spree I would suggest heading over to District 5 where you can pick up this Koutney top with belt and Khloe Skirt, both from Sassy!

Make sure you stop by WoW Skins while you are there and get this Becky skin.  I know I have blogged it before, but I just don't wanna take it off.

You can also grab the Joss Sandals from EMPORIUM (photo 3).  They come in a variety of great colours but you will need Slink High Feet for these.

Oh, and don't forget to add these poses to your shopping list.  They are from Ma Vie Poses and are from a pack called I S--t Rainbows.

Next on your journey wander to L'accessories - La Metallique Fair 2nd Anniversary and procure this Balls Necklace from 22769, which also comes in silver.  The bracelet is also from 22769 and is at the same event.  It is the Fishscale Bracelet and, like the necklace, comes in silver too.

Now it is time to grab this hair from [KoKoLoReS] and you will find that at the latest round of The Theme Park.  It is called Tousled and I am wearing a colour from the Blondes pack.

Right, now you are dressed and ready to go in search of coffee.  Now, where did I leave my handbag?

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

For Narnia!

My favourite childhood books were the Narnia series and I think I read them every year until I was in my late teens and then I have read them to children as well.

So, when I saw this To Narnia pose prop from .Mien I just had to show you.  And, the lovely creator has even included a blank sign template in case you want to create your own sign later on.

You can find this set at The Seraphim Social event.

Dress:   SAKIDE - Iona Dress - Natural
Hair:  Damselfly - Seleste (District 5)

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


I had to laugh when I saw the photos that Arya did of me.  I am not sure she noticed the butt crack in photo 3.  I think she would have made me redo them if she had so "Shhhhhh!".  LOL.

I am wearing items from District 5 today.  I have not seen a heap for guys as yet, but I know it is there so I will keep you informed.

Jeans, Tee and Hat:  DEADPOOL Fashion- Thug Life

Items NOT in D5:

Shape:  HoStyle - Echo
Skin:  Mr.Bloch- Joshua
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Men's Black Leather Slip Ons

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I had a HUGE dilemma today, but it was a goody!  I had soooo many items to show you that I just didn't know where to start.  It was awful...NOT!

Anyway, I was in a goth kinda mood so this outfit seemed perfect!  Again, these are items from District 5 which starts today!  Yeeehaaaaw!

Outfit:  [ bubble ] - Gothioli Outfit (there is also a cool parasol, but it kept getting lost against the background)
Skin: WoW Skins - Becky Tan

Hat:  Suicide Gurls - Agatha Hat (goes with a top I will blog later, but worked with the outfit today)

Hair:  Damselfly - Mabel
Poses:  {what next} - Let It Rain Prop Poses (NOT in D5)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cute and Armed

Do not be messing with this chick.  She might look like sunshine and freckles but she is armed and she is not afraid to use them!

She is also styling some awesome items from District 5 which starts on the 13th.  Yay!  Please do NOT take weapons to shop.  You might accidentally poke someone.  It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Top:  EMPORIUM - J&S Bean
Skirt:  Lapoint&Bastchild - Swear "Candy" Mesh Mini Skirt - Tartans
Shoes:  {Scene} - Gluttony Kickers - Black

Backpack:  ::LustRage:: - Akuma Backpack - Teal

Ok, this one was just for fun.  Think Serenity...

Jewellery:  ::LustRage:: - Akemi Gems - Silver
Nails:  -{ZOZ}- - Painted Sky "Scene" (requires Slink hands)
Skin:  WoW Skins - Becky - Milk + Freckles Tattoo
Hair:  *ARGRACE* - Riley (NOT at District 5)

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